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Article 2

Porcupine date

	Porcupine date is the best medicament among all the dates that we 
	well known. Porcupine date is the stone that formed in the animal 
	called porcupine.
	Stone formation in human being, be it kidney stone or urinary 
	stone, they are all frightening diseases of human. However, in 
	animals, stone formed are very precious, especially porcupine 
	date. According to the chinese medical hall, the real and good 
	quality porcupine date may costs twenty to thirty thousands 
	Ringgit each, which is comparable to the price of a Perodua Kancil 
	new car.

	When a friend met an accident, he took a small pack of porcupine 
	date powder which costs RM200 during the recovery period. Although 
	its very expensive but its really very effective medically as 
	his wounds recovered very fast. As his elderly said, porcupine 
	date is the best medicament for serious illness.

	Besides, a friend of my friend who had serious illness that was 
	dying keep on taking porcupine date, which costs him about fifty 
	to sixty thousands Ringgit had finally recovered from the illness. 
	He was thinking back while saying,  Porcupine date saved my 

	Last September there was a local newspaper which published a news 
	of "Porcupine Date Treats Dengue Fever". The people involved in 
	the news was the ex-secretory of the DAP, Mr. Kerk Kim Hock.

	Mr. Kerk  had dengue fever on July. He had continuous high fever 
	for a few days and his platelet was droping down continuously. He 
	took porcupine date after  the advice from his neighbour. One hour 
	after he took the 1mg porcupine date, his high fever disappeared 
	and his platelet is rising back to the normal level.

	As for the statement that porcupine date may treat dengue fever, 
	the reporter had knew it for a long time ago. Hence it is believed 
	that porcupine date is the medicament that had been used long among 
	the public for dengue fever treatment. 

	The question is, the cost of the porcupine date is very expensive 
	and not all the people can afford it, so how to differentiate 
	between the real and the fake porcupine date?

	Mr. Guan Zhong Ming, a traditional chinese medicine doctor, said 
	that,  If look carefully at the real porcupine date, it has layers 
	of fine stripes surrounding it, and it is soft on pressing. However 
	the fake porcupine date is very hard on pressing. I heard some said 
	that the fake porcupine date is made by the herb that ate by the 
	porcupine when they get sick. So it is also called the grass date.

	Then is it true that porcupine date is the stone that formed in the 
	porcupine? His opinion is,  Some people said that it is stone, but 
	some said it is tumour.

	How about the medical effectiveness of the real and the fake 
	porcupine date? Is there any difference?

	Even if it is fake, but the porcupine itself has the ability to 
	release the high temperature of its body out, so it will still has 
	the effectiveness of recovering fever. As for the real porcupine 
	date, besides cooling down the body temperature, it can also detox 
	and its a very good medicament. 

	However, nowadays, the real porcupine date is very difficult to find 
	as most of the chinese medical hall did not sell it for the reason 
	that they are worried to get the fake date.

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